Ride, Drive & Demo Electric Vehicles!

It's Time To Experience EV's For Yourself! Drive the Latest Electric Vehicles, Ride E-Bikes, E-Motorcycles, E-Scooters, E-Skateboards + more!

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July 23-24, 2022
Sat : 10am-5pm
Sun: 10am-5pm
Public Day Tickets $20 + Processing Fees (Sat & Sun)
Kids 5 and under are free.

What to Expect

Come experience your favorite electric car, motorcycle, bike, scooter, skateboard, surfboard, e-foil and other electric mobility brands as they show off their latest products and technology. Visit their interactive displays, talk with EV experts, and best of all, take a free test drive on one of our thrilling demo courses. Kids, have fun in the Hover-1 Kids Zone!
With over 1,000,000 square feet of exhibit and festival space, Electrify Expo is a full day of electrified fun mixed with great food, drinks, music and more. Yes, this is an e-mobility party and everyone is invited! This is a limited ticket event, so get your tickets before they sell out. Tickets start at $20. Kids 5 and under are free. Don't miss out.

Ticket Info

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General Admission
  • All day access to exhibitor displays
  • Kids 5 and under, free
  • Access to all demo courses (Auto, Bike, Scoot, Skate, Kids Zone, + more)
  • General Parking additional $10 - $15 depending on venue
* Plus Tax and Applicable Fees

Ticket Packages

July 23-24, 2022
University of Washington
"E Lot" Near Husky Stadium

Located just above Union Bay on Lake Washington, Husky Stadium is the largest stadium of its kind in all of the Pacific Northwest. Electrify Expo will utilize nearly 1 million square feet of the lot adjacent to the stadium labeled as the "E Lot." This are will host the world’s leading e-mobility brands who will provide exciting demo experiences for the greater Seattle community. This includes EVs, E-Motorcycles, E-Bikes, E-Scooters, E-Skateboards and more. This will be Electrify Expo’s first time in the Pacific Northwest and we can’t wait to bring our festival to this amazing venue.

Experience Electrified Brands
Check out the brands participating at Seattle
More Brands to be announced shortly!
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