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Electrify Expo Awarded ‘Expo of the Year’ at IMPACT21
Attend North America’s Largest E-Mobility Festival
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Expo of the Year

Electrify Expo, North America's largest electric vehicle festival, has received the 2021 IMPACT Award for Expo of the Year. LEARN MORE

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Latest News

From electric pickups to bikes to boats and planes, 2022 is the Year the eMobility Revolution Goes Mainstream! LEARN MORE

Electrify Expo Miami

EVs + So Much More

Electrify Expo is your chance to experience, shop and demo your favorite EV, e-bike, e-skateboard, e-scooter, e-motorcycle, and  more. LEARN MORE


What to Expect

Experience North America's largest e-mobility festival filled with a half million square feet of the world's top electric mobility brands! Drive Electric Vehicles, ride E-Bikes, E-Motorcycles, E-Scooters, E-Skateboards + learn what the Future of Mobility looks like.
Experience Electrified Brands
Brands participating at one or more of the 2021 Electrify Expos! See our event specific list.
More Brands to be announced shortly for 2022!
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Hop In. Hop On.

EVs & E-Motorcycles

Have some fun and take a test drive in your favorite electric vehicle or on an e-motorcycle! Whether you're looking for a high performance demo or a comfortable street cruise, Electrify offers a variety of ride and drive experiences to satisfy anyone looking to kick the tires. (And parents, take the kiddos over to the Kid Zone while you shop and demo products!)

Electrify Vehicle

E-Bikes & Scooters

The only way to know if you’ll want an e-bike or scooter is to give one a go. That’s why we have fun courses for you to really experience these products in a safe environment with hands-on professionals.

Electrify UTV

E-Skateboards & Hoverboards

Experience the best electric skateboards and hoverboards for sale and take them for a demo on our butter-smooth demo courses.

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Golf Carts & PTV’s

Looking for a neighborhood cruiser? Come check out various electric personal transportation vehicles and explore elevating your beach and lake-life mobility game.

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Flying Cars, Autonomous Vehicles & Artificial Intelligence

If the future of transportation interests you, you’re in luck. Experience what the not-so-distant future will look like as autonomous technology and aerial mobility become the norm. Brands from all over the world come to Electrify to show off the latest technology and products of the future. And now you have a chance to see it first hand!

The Best Brands, All In One Place

With over a half-million square feet of display space, Electrify Expo brings in the biggest and best brands from all over the world to show off their latest and greatest. Now it’s your chance to experience it all!

Something for Everyone

From stability cycles to flying cars, if we don’t have it, it probably hasn’t been invented yet. 

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See and demo the most innovative e-mobility products and services in the world. Take a high performance test drive. Dash around demo courses on bikes, scooters and skateboards. Plus a whole lot more.

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Learn the facts. Debunk the myths. Whether through the featured speakers and panels on  Industry Day, or speaking with knowledgeable electrification experts on our Public Days, the Electrify Expo will equip you with the truth about electrification!

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Electrify Expo is packed with entertainment including an evening concert, Industry speakers and panels, a Festival-like food court filled with the best Food Trucks and Music, and even a kid’s zone to keep the little ones entertained while you shop. 

Concert Kick Off

Electrify will hold an exclusive concerts on Saturday night at select events immediately following the Expo. This will be a limited-ticket event. More details to be made public shortly.

E-Mobility For All
Exclusive To Our 2022 LA & Austin Events!
Special day for Industry, Media & VIPs

Electrify kicks off our LA & Austin Events with an Industry & Press Day on Friday that is loaded with new vehicle announcements, featured speakers, and panels.

Saturday and Sunday
‍Open to the public, a

Each Electrify Expo is open to the general public on Saturday & Sunday. Visitors can buy tickets online or on-site at the box office. Concert tickets are sold only in combination with an Expo ticket at select events.


Want to be part of the show?

Exhibitor and Sponsorship opportunities are available!
Electrify Expo 500,000 Sq feet Festival
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