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The Epicenter of EV Customization

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North America’s Largest Gathering of Customized EV’s

Electrify Showoff is North America’s largest gathering of customized electric vehicles & the brands that make up the movement. It is the epicenter of EV personalization and the breeding ground for customization trends. Showoff features the world’s most radical customized EVs and inspires Electrify Expo attendees with ideas of how they can customize their own rides.


Industry Recognition

Showoff is the perfect platform for automotive aftermarket brands, show car builders, fabricators, and auto styling influencers to display their custom creations and products. As the automotive aftermarket makes the polarizing shift from combustion to electric vehicles, Showoff is the platform to reach the early adopting customizers, as well as the next generation tuners.

From cars and trucks, to motorcycles and bikes, Showoff will feature customization culture of a wide variety of EVs. Attaching your brand to Showoff ensures you own mindshare with the next evolution of consumers interested in EV customization and personalization.

The management team at Showoff are rooted in the subcultures of customization trends and personally invested in driving the popularity and size of the EV customization industry. Showoff is a major initiative which will generate over 50MM impressions in 2023 and receive considerable advertising, marketing, PR, social and content marketing support to promote the industry, brands, and influencers involved.Showoff takes place within North America’s largest electric vehicle festival, Electrify Expo.

At each festival, Showoff occupies its own footprint and showcases the world’s leading customizers and brands driving today’s customization trends. Everything about Showoff is unique, including its footprint. Showoff has its own vibe, atmosphere, and is a major thoroughfare at each Electrify Expo festival.


Enter for Consideration

Submit your ride to our Showoff team for entry consideration. Our team will confirm entry approval.


Show Car Entry Fee: $50
Show Bike Entry Fee: $30

Approved Entries Will Receive:

Prominent exposure at North America’s Largest Electric Vehicle Festival Display space at Electrify Showoff

Entry to compete for a coveted Electrify Showoff Trophy awarded in various categories

Access to the world’s leading brands in electrification

2 Electrify Expo general admission passes

$50 Value Meguiar's Goodie bag filled with car care products and swag

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Awards at Each Event

Best of Show
Best Crew
Best Exhibitor Booth
Best Sedan
Best Coupe
Best old-school EV
Best use of Frunk
Best Audio
Best Interior
Best Performance
Best Paint
Best Wrap / Graphics
Best Stance
Best Wheel and tire package
Best E-Bike
Best Motorcycle
Best Scooter / Skateboard
Best SUV
Best Truck


Judging Methodology

At Electrify Showoff we are excited about this new era in vehicle customization.  We see so many opportunities for new innovations in this electrified vehicle space and are happy to be a part of this new endeavor.  Here at Electrify Showoff, our judges are comprised of a team with a combined 75+ years of experience as builders, competitors and judges for events all around the world.  We have developed a judging methodology that offers more time with each participant along with a team approach to the judging of each and every show vehicle.   The methodology we use is a consensus style of judging.  We evaluate all aspects of any car build.  The following are examples of what we evaluate, but are not limited to just this list:  


This includes the Cleanliness, Fit and Finish of:  Paint jobs or Car Wraps, Bodywork (bolt-on body kits vs advanced fabrication), Brand Pedigree, Lighting, and ultimately the Overall Appearance which would be made up of our opinion of how the vehicle is presented


This includes the Cleanliness, Fit and Finish of:  Custom Equipment, Custom Bars, Seat Customizations, Accessories, Materials Usage (such as custom material throughout the interior), Custom Audio Installations, Brand Pedigree, Frunk/Trunk (utilization of the space; creativity) and ultimately the Overall Appearance, flow and theme.


This includes the quality of the wheel and its construction (i.e. multi-piece vs mono-block; forged vs cast), Hardware (where applicable), Finishing Quality, Uniqueness, Rarity, Brand Pedigree, Fitment of wheel to tire, Wheel and Tire packages (cars vs trucks) and the Overall Appearance, fitment and flow with vehicle

Power Delivery

This includes the Cleanliness, Fit and Finish of:  Custom Electric Vehicles vs Factory Electric Vehicles (is this a vehicle that was originally electric?  Was it converted?  How was the conversion done?), performance gains, sophistication of modification, and the Engineering behind the build.

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Stuart Broderick
2021 Porsche Taycan
Neil Tjin
Alex Leon
Ryan Basseri
2007 Honda S2000
Kris Taylor
Tesla Model 3
Michael Escamilla
Super 73
Ron Villarin
2019 Tesla Model 3
Ravi Vallabh
2017 Tesla Model 3
Ryan Basseri
1999 Honda Civic
Francis Andaya
2021 Tesla Model Y
Breanna Brzezinski
2020 Model 3 SR+
Neil Tjin
Ford Lightning
Jason Halvorsen
2021 Ford Mach E
Jason Torres
2021 Tesla Model 3
CJ Cardinalli
2018 Tesla Model 3
2022 Taycan 4S Cross Tourismo
Mike Clifford
2019 Tesla Model 3
Rex Justin Villa
Tesla Model 3
Terrance W.
2022 Taycan 4S Cross Tourismo
Marty Morrise
Tesla Model 3
Brian Dilley
1957 Chevy
Andrew Frantilla
1973 Bug
Anthony Pham
Gregory Courter
1962 Corvair

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