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(Programming Schedule to be announced soon)

Industry Day welcomes the trade, media, VIPs and city planning officials to an e-mobility event packed with programming, press conferences, product reveals and more.

Industry Day will be packed full of incredible programming! We will be releasing frequent updates on the speaker lineup so be sure to check back here or sign up below to receive email updates!

 Exclusive access to:

• World’s leading e-mobility brands & representatives
• City-Planning Officials from all over North America
• Keynote Speakers
• Panel Discussions
• Press Conferences
• Product Reveals
• Future of Mobility (Technology, Aerial Mobility + more)

Programming Schedule

SEPT 17, 2021

9 AM
Electrify Expo Keynote

10 AM
Aviation Industry Keynote:
10:30 AM
Auto Industry Keynote

11 AM
Technology Industry Keynote:  

Featured Keynote Speakers:

Featured Speaker

Featured Speaker

1 PM
Featured Speaker


1:30 PM
#1 EV Price Parity & Battery Technology 

2 PM
#2 Overcoming The Challenges Of The Driverless Era 

2:30 PM
#3 The Road to Aerial Mobility 

3 PM
#4 Preparing The Market For An Autonomous Future 

3:30 PM
#5 City Planning Paths To Micro-Mobility Adoption

Awards Gala: Location TBA

Industry Day Tickets

Industry DayFriday, Sept 17, 2021. Electrify kicks off with an Industry + Press Day loaded with new product reveals, keynotes, featured speakers, and panels. Industry Day Tickets start at $199.

Public Day Tickets Coming Soon

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